The SILC AUTOMOTIVE is an Italian company that operates in rebuilt parts for auto and remanufactured space, oils and other chemical products for cars both in Italy and abroad.

According to our long experience we guarantee to our customers only the best selected material and an extensive catalog of products.

The quality of remanufactured products is our top priority. This is true for our second hand car parts and services we guarantee thanks to close cooperation with our partners. For our high-quality products we offer a special price and one-year warranty on all refurbished products.

The SILC AUTOMOTIVE puts its expertise at the service of the customer to enable It to offer a highly professional service that allows to minimize company operating costs. In fact, thanks to the constant monitoring of the national and international markets, the company is able to offer a wide range of articles of high quality and reliability continues paying attention to the new technologies. All products are selected and compared in performance , reliability and durability in order to offer the best to our customers.

Competence loyalty and commitment of our staff guarantee a precise and effective collaboration.

High professionalism and expertise along with a close relationship with our business partners is allowing us to target the best results in every phase of the business relationship in a very short time.

We are constantly expanding our product portfolio and we always try to meet the current and future needs of our customers. Our business concept includes the most 'high-quality customer service with quick delivery throughout Europe.

Make the best choice for you and for others. Buy remanufactured car parts, because reuse these products is important for the environment and recycling is environmentally friendly. So we are all winners and the environment thanks.

Slic Company