What are refurbished parts of a car

Are parts or components repaired through a process that respects the latest technological model of industrial production.

The result is a product that is equivalent in every way to the new.

It starts from a batch consisting of a few hundred units, of the same type and no longer functioning, which are dismantled to single component, which is controlled and selected in order to decide if it can be reused (after cleaning and control efficiency) or replaced with new pieces.

This is followed by re-assembly and final testing. These last two operations are exactly equal to those carried out for the production of new units, thus guarantee maximum safety of the component.

The remanufactured parts are considered the real new space in the automotive sector, which has changed the rules of business through four significant advantages:

  • Economic for the end customer, who can buy auto parts with approximately 50% savings compared to new ones;
  • Economical for the distributor, who does not risk losing the customer thanks to the proposal of auto parts with economic conditions accessible to all;
  • For the Distributor that will always satisfy customer demands, without running the risk of not having the car part for sale.
  • Ecological, because the regenerated parts preserves the environment since its revision involves a huge energy savings than the production of new parts.

  • The SILC automotive markets and distributes remanufactured car parts for all models of European cars, American and Japanese, in particular, power steering, power steering pumps, and automatic gearboxes, turbines, engines, differentials, brake calipers, dampers, steering boxes, elettroguide , transmission units, inverters, all for cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, earth-moving vehicles, and boats.